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Our Story

Our dream began 6 years ago in a small shop in a small town with just an idea.  We wanted to reinvent and make pet ID tags not only for pet safety, but also a fashion accessory to make pets more beautiful and stylish. It has been quite the journey full of creativity, dedication and many years of trial and error; we managed to create the best designs and products using the best materials.

In these years we have had the opportunity to validate our product, we have fallen in love with thousands of pet owners. We realized the only way we can meet our goals of making amazing pet products is if we know about everything that went into our products including how they are made and who makes them.  That’s why we control every step of our manufacturing process.  Our promise is that we always use the highest ethical labor standards throughout every part of our business.  We can only feel good about making amazing products if we feel good about how we make them.   

What makes our ID tags unique?

We design about 65 dog breeds, 15 felines and 20 cartoon figures. Our identification plates are made in 3D layers of acrylic colors; they are marked on the back with the names of the pets and the phone numbers of their owners in case of loss, and they are resistant to the elements. Not all pets are of specific breeds, which is why we are able to take graphic design and translate those unique and special characteristics of pets into work material, creating a completely unique and personalized accessory.