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Let everyone know that your kitten is not only a cute bundle of joy, but also a member of the adorable Persian breed with our custom designed Persian Cat ID Tag! This tag is made from high-quality acrylic, which means it has ultra bright colors, is super quiet, and is great for all weather.

    -Your Cat’s name and phone number are optional and will be engraved on the back.

    -Made in layers of Acrylic colors.

    -Weather resistant.

    -Includes Split Ring.

    -3-dimensional features.

    -Colors may have slight changes in intensity, brightness, opacity, depending on the screen where they are being observed.

    -Hand painted letters and fine details.

    ID tags are made to order and each is unique.  Processing times can be up to 2-3 weeks depending on the design.

    -Size (approx. height):

    Small 1.37”

    Medium 1.77”

    -The width of each size varies depending on the specific breed and shape for each ID tag.

    -Tag weight: approx. 7.4 grams

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